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It is over 25 years now that AMRITESHWARANANDJI has been practicing Astrology and sadhna which he has learnt from great gurus in the Guru-Shishya Prampara. He has at a very young age of 38 have learnt the ancient knowledge of MANTRA VIGYAN,YANTRA VIGYAN ,SCIENCE OF ENERGY URJA VIGYAN by sitting in the lotus feet of saints.

He has been practicing Mantra Vigyan (Science of Mantras) in the kind guidance of his GURUS only and has by their divine grace, has had mystic experiences. The journey had actually started at the age of 7 when SIDHGURU SWAMI MAHAMANAV MRITUANJAI PREMANAND SARASWATI JI gives shakti paat diksha.

Over years, Amriteshwar ji has performed worships (sadhanas) of Dus Maha Vidhya and greart Divine Mother ‘MAA BAGLAMUKHI SADHNA’ in particular. Guru ji is also Sadhak of Lord Mahamritunjaya and bestowed with healing capabilities by his GURU, is trying that the healing advantages of siddh guru mandala should reach every human possibly to bestow Lord Shiva Grace on humanity, with the objective of service to people, Amrityog earnestly wishes that vast majority who can need healing, must avail the blessings coming from Lord Shiva’s unconditional love in the form of AMRITESHWARI KRIYA.

The purpose, solely and supremely is, to reach divine benefit everybody irrespective of gender, caste, creed, religion or region with an economized cost, to say with humility.

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