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Best Online Astrology Consultation in India

There are a number of astrologers in India who provide astrology consultation to people. Some of them work as freelancers and some work in the form of organizations. With the increasing popularity of internet in the country, many astrologers are now providing astrology consultation online to people across the India.

Most of them produce results based on Sun-sign which is considered the simplest form of astrology consultation services in India. It requires only the date of birth to generate a sun-sign horoscope. But the results produced by sun-sign astrology are not considered accurate by many astrologers around the world.

The horoscopes you come across in newspapers are a form of sun-sign astrology.

online astrology consultation

To produce accurate results, some astrologers use planet signs toform a very specific but complex profile of a subjects personality, life and future prospects. There are a very few astrologers in India who have this complex knowledge of Astrology. And the most popular among them is Amriteshwar Anandji. Shree Anandji has been providing astrology consultation services in India for over 25 years. Anandji says that he has learnt this science from some great gurus of Astrology in India. At a young age of 38, he has already a strong command on the ancient knowledge of Vigyan, Yantra, Mantra Vigyan and science of energy urja vigyan gained by taking rest in the lotus feet of saints. Being the Sadhak of Lord Mahamritunjaya, Shri AnandJI Says his only motive behind providing online Astrology consultation services in India is that the advantages of his siddh guru mandala reaches to people so that the grace of Lord Shiva bestows on every human being. Anandji started learning Astrology at a very young age of 7 from Sidhguru Swami Mahamanav Mrituanjai Premanand Saraswati ji. He provides online Astrology consultation in India cutting across the barriers of religion, creed, caste and gender etc with a very small Dakhshana

What are different astrology consultation services Anandji provides in India?

Astrology is a science that deals with the influence produced by comic objects planets and stars on the lives of humans. It is a concept, based the position of moon, stars and sun at the birth of an individual. Astrologers say that the position of these objects at the time of birth of a person shapes the personality of that particular individual. They believe, it decides his/her economic fortunes and the success of their romantic relationships. The cosmos energy Amriteshwari Kriya online astrology consultation service provided by Amriteshwar Anandji has never left anybody uninfluenced. This is probably the reason why people are so crazy about getting Anandji’s astrology consultation in India. He has a very deep knowledge of constellations and almost all the planets in the universe. He can tell you about the exact positions of stars in sky and what is happening in the universe at any particular time.

Secret Benefits of astrology consultation services of Amriteshwar Anandji

The reading, astrology consultation services of Amriteshwar Anandji provides gives you the meanings that the energies like planets, their constellations and other energies are controlling our life. You should know that this energy of planets and stars has a very strong impact on seven chakras of Human body. The energy is believed to regulate our entire bodies including mind and soul. The role of Anandji’s online astrology consultation in all this is to balance all these energies so that they produce a very positive effect on your body. That positive effect of astrology consultation in India of Amriteshwar Anandji reflects in the form of prosperity, peace and joy in your life. When, you come in contact of the highest form of cosmos energy directly that is ‘Shiva’, the seven chakras of your body start cleaning and all the negativity in your body start declining. The diseases and other problems in your body start vanishing. The good time starts for an individual and he/she fulfills worldly and spiritual desires through Amriteshwari kriya and other online astrology consultation services provided by Amriteshwar Anandji.

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